Deliver mobility based business solutions that add business value for enterprises that use’s cloud-based CRM systems.

Enable free flow of information for the sales force on BYOD or enterprise devices.

Enabling timely flow of information will enable the Sales force and their Managers to service accounts better.

Businesses can manage Tasks ,Calls , Calendars ,actions and others much better through mobility effortlessly.

Generate leads from Social media.

Our ability to deliver mobility in popular mobile platforms provides infrastructure indepence and will enable BYOD policy to be implemented.

Through the solutions

  • Get to the market fastly.
  • Retain your customers efficiently.
  • Track the performance of Salesforce with more data.
  • Enable real-time responsiveness and better collaboration.
  • Manage Orders,Promotions and Sales with ease.
  • Stay productive on the road Log calls, SMS
  • Respond to hot leads
  • Get live access to your opportunities, dashboards, and much more right on your mobile device.
  • Custom Chatter integration
  • Tasks, Meetings, Events creations
  • Dropbox, ICloud integration’s
  • Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin leads to Salseforce